Hi, I’m so glad you are here! My guess is you are visiting the Abi and More blog because you are either interested in healthy recipes, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, motherhood or some useful tips. If so, then you are in the right place, and if you happened to come to my blog through some genius twist of faith then hello and welcome, why not stick around and explore some of my free recipes and content. Either way, I would like to help you get the most out of your visit to my blog.

Here are some key things you can find and do on the Abi and More Blog:

Recipes: From breakfast to dinner, need party ideas (appetizers) or just want something sweet, I’ve got you covered with tasty and healthy food to satisfy any tooth. Occasionally I throw in something naughty, I don’t call this ‘cheat meals’ but ‘treat meals’ because once in a while it’s important to treat yourself!

Healthy Living: A guide to healthy living and how to make this become a lifestyle because let’s face it, the hardest part is life after the diet. This section is about making healthy living a part of your everyday life in a simple, afforable and realistic way.

Motherhood: This is where I share my experiences from pregnancy to motherhood and all the things between like coping with gestational diabetes, a preemie baby, when your baby has a dairy allergy/other allergies and more.

Quick Tips: Here you will find some posts on frugal living like how to Get Cash Back On Everyday Purchases with Ibotta as well as other tips on cooking, food prepping and more.