My Top 10 Baby Items

My Top 10 Baby Items

As a new mama or an expectant mom, it can be an endless search trying to decide on what to buy or not buy for your little one. Every baby is different, so while one mama might swear by an item, another might tell you it was a complete waste of time for them. Here is what worked for my baby and me as well as the reasons why we loved these items. This list was compiled with items used in the first 6 months my son was born. Hopefully this helps some other expectant moms or first time parents in making their decisions.


10. Munchkin STEP Diaper Pail

The Munchkin STEP Diaper Pail was voted 2017 Best Diaper Pail by The BUMP and it’s no wonder why!

  • The Arm & Hammer scented PUCK absorbs odors, masking the smell of stinking diapers and keeping your nursery smelling fresh.
  • The step stool and self sealing system is great and helps avoids making a mess, and yes, diaper changes can sometimes (ahem most times) get messy.
  • It holds a heck lot of diapers (up to 180 newborn diapers) so you don’t have to keep making trips to the trash.
  • Nice to know: for every pail purchased, Munchkin plants a tree.


9. 3 Sprout Storage Boxes

  • The 3 Sprout Storage Boxes are the perfect organizational tool for small spaces, at the same time they are decently sized for storing away items like toys, and fit into most cubby hole shelving units making it even easier to store away.
  • Visually appealing, these 3 Sprout Storage Boxes are so cute, they capture everyone’s attention and easily brighten up any room.
  • The storage boxes are very sturdy and reinforced with cardboard which allow them to stand even when empty.
  • Comes in over 10 colorful animal designs including a kangaroo, peacock and rhino, you will be spoilt for choice!


8. Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor

The Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they are sleeping and alerts you through phone app notifications, sounds and lights if there are any abnormal readings.

  • Great for first time parents, helps sets your mind at ease for the first couple of months which is when baby is at a higher risk for SIDs.
  • Even better for parents of premature babies. Believe me, as a mother of a baby who came 7 weeks early, I know that it can be scary when you are finally given the green light to take your baby home from the NICU. Why is it scary? Well, at the NICU there are doctors and different machines constantly monitoring your baby and letting you know how they are doing. This technology in a sock eases parents with preemies into settling at home.
  • Grows with baby: it comes in 3 different washable sock sizes and can be used from 6lbs-25lbs, 0-18months.


7. Baby Bullet

If you are conscious about your health then I’m guessing you are even conscious about what your baby eats. While jar foods are convenient, the best way to know what your little one eats is by making it yourself. The Baby Bullet allows you to do just that!

  • Makes it sure easy to make homemade baby food within minutes.
  • Comes with batch trays and storage pods so you can make baby food in bulk to refrigerate or freeze.
  • The storage cups come with date dials which allow you to keep track of when food was made.


6. 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby

This LILLEbaby Carrier comes in handy for shopping days or on occasions when you are going to be walking for long lengths of time, like at the airport or when you go sight seeing. This was super and JT wants to see the world or my favorite use for this, when my little boy doesn’t want to nap and is obviously sleepy.

  • Perfect all year round, can be during all 4 season as it comes with a highly breathable material and allows you to regulate the temperature.
  • It has multiple straps which enables you to easily adjust the carrier to you and your baby’s frames.
  • Allows you to carry your baby in 6 different ways.
  • Grows with baby, from newborn to toddler stage (4lbs to 45lbs).
  • Oh and it comes in a lot of colors and designs, believe me your hardest choice will be which design to pick!


5. Warming Waterfall Bath

For a first time parent, bath time can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be with this Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath.

  • The bath comes with a back rest which is perfect for extra support until baby learns to sit on their own.
  • The warming waterfall which can be turned on or off keeps baby’s back warm and also soothes them too (it made JT smile whenever we put it on).
  • The accessories are great: comes with a baby assist tray (removable) to keep bath time items like soap and sponges within easy reach. It also comes with a rinse cup and a large washcloth to prevent baby’s chest from chills.
  • Anything that grows with baby is a plus, you can use it from newborn stage to toddler stage.


4. Tiny Love Playmat

  • The Tiny Love Playmat has plenty of activity for the little one. It is very colorful and comes with different textures which captures little one’s attention for a long time.
  • Extra large and generous space for baby to play, crawl and develop motor skills (the color, mirror, pockets and textures makes baby want to explore).
  • Best of all this mat is washable, and believe me there will be many spit ups on this!


3. Jumperoo

  • The Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo is one of JT’s favorite baby items. With music, lights and sounds there is plenty of interactive activity to keep baby entertained for a long period of time so they don’t get bored.
  • The seat rotates 360 degrees so if baby can interact with the different toys or wants to turn in another direction.
  • Enhances motor skills and engages baby’s visual and auditory senses as well as hand-eye coordination.
  • Machine washable seat to clean up any mess ups.


2. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System comes with an infant car seat, base and stoller system, need I say more…

  • Quite sturdy and lighter than a lot of other travel systems.
  • Comes with an infant insert for tiny ones. My baby was in NICU and was just over 4lbs when he finally came home. The NICU nurses have to test that your baby is safe in the car seat and apparently not all car seats can support premature or smaller baby, this one did!
  • Grows with baby (score!), the KeyFit infant carrier holds infants from 4lbs to 30lbs. Once your baby outgrows the infant carrier seat travel mode, you can convert this to the perfect stroller for the toddler stage.
  • The stroller manoeuvres effortlessly with all wheel suspension that minimise the impact felt from bumpy strolls.
  • The system comes packed with features yet is so compact. There is plenty storage space under the stroller, it comes with both a parent tray (hold your coffee or tea, phone, chapstick etc.) and a snack tray for baby.  Oh it also comes with a canopy system with peek-a-boo window
  • The quick and self-standing compact fold is perfect for those who hate putting their strollers or items laying on the floor (need I say more).


1. Baby’s Bouncer by Fisher Price

The Fisher Price Bouncer is my top favorite item for some many reasons.

  • The first and most important reason is it allows you to do other things when baby is still little and needs to be carried.
  • It’s portable which means you can easily take it around with you to different parts of the house like when you need to have a shower and it’s only you and baby at home, and the baby is awake is you can’t leave them in the crib. Yes, this is great.
  • The bouncer helps put baby to sleep, I don’t know what it is but once my husband starts gently rocking the bouncer, JT falls asleep!
  • The activity bar encourages motor development. JT would often try to grab the toys on the bar and it was so cute to see him grow to finally being able to reach and spin the toys.


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