How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog

Thinking of starting a blog? That’s awesome! There are many ways to start a blog but with all the information online, it could easily get confusing and overwhelming. I will keep things simple and show you how to start your a blog in 5 easy steps and you don’t even need to have any technical experience.

1. Choose a Topic to Blog About
This topic will be what your blog will be about, the more specific the better. Niches then to do very well when it comes to blog. More so, it’s best to blog about something you are passionate about. For example, I am passionate about food and healthy living so my blog is about healthy recipes and developing a healthy lifestyle. Other blog niches include fashion, travel, make up, home, decor, motherhood and so on. There are a lot of things to write about, you just need to find your niche, the more unique the better, don’t limit yourself.

2. Choose a Platform
There are many platforms available to bloggers. Squarespace, Blogger, Wix, and are examples of some popular blogging platforms. If you are looking to make an income from blogging then I would recommend using When I first started blogging, I used Blogger, I also tried However with many free platforms like, you can’t run affiliate programs which therefore limits your income generation stream. is fantastic if you want to blog as a business. Since is a software and it requires a host. If you do decide to go with then you can set this up once you choose your host which is covered in the next step.

3. Find a Host
A host is where your website lives on the internet, where it is stored. It’s like a zip code that puts your blog on the online map. When you are deciding where to live, you want to go for a good and safe neighborhood, in the same way when you are deciding which company will host your blog, you want to go with a fast loading and reliable host. Before choosing who to host with I did a lot of research. I finally decided to go with Siteground as they came highly rated, had a low monthly fee and an amazing customer service team (I have emailed and spoken to their team over the phone and they are really patient and helpful). I chose their StartUp plan which allows you to host one website, you can always upgrade your plan in the future as your blog grows and you get more visitors.

4. Decide on a Blog (Domain) Name
Okay so now you know what you want to blog about, what platform you want to use and where you want to host your website. It’s time to choose a blog name also known as a domain name or your website url. You can go down the route of using a name that describes your blog, for example if your blog is about eating out on a budget, your blog name could be eatingoutforless or you could just use your own name which gives you room to expand in the future if you wish. Whatever route you take, make sure you double check that the name you choose is available (preferably on all or most online channels including social media) as you don’t want to have to use different names across the web, you want to be consistent. Namecheckr is a great way to do check if the name you want to use is available on different online channels. Once you decide on a name, you will need to register your blog name. At this point with Siteground, you also choose your plan and complete the set up process.

5. Design Your Blog
Time to get creative and have so fun. If you have decided to use as your blog platform, you can access WordPress themes from your Siteground admin panel.

When it comes to WordPress themes, you pretty much get what you pay for. While there are a lot of free themes you can pick from, if you want to really make your blog unique and stand out from the crowd then you will need to shop around for a premium theme. Here are some cool online stores I found while searching for a theme for my blog:

Creative Market Place: With over 3,500 WordPress themes to choose from, you will be spoilt for choose. Prices here are also affordable so you will find something no matter what your budget is.

StudioPress Themes for WordPress: If you are looking for a highly professional, clean and modern look for your blog then this is definitely the place to look.

Etsy: Yes, Esty! You will be amazed what you can find on Etsy including wordpress themes.

Most people/companies that sell premium WordPress themes provide tutorials on how to install and customise their themes and if you get stuck, they are usually there to help.

That’s it! Do let me know when you start your blog, I’m always excited to get connected with my fellow bloggers.

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