How to Get Cash Back on Everyday Purchases with Ibotta

How to Get Cash Back on Everyday Purchases with Ibotta

If you do any sort of shopping from stocking up with household items at Costco, to grocery shopping at Wegmans to cloth shopping at Macy’s or getting bits and bobs from Amazon, whether it’s online or offline then this is for you. Would you like to get cash back for items you already shop for and from stores you already shop at? If your answer is yes, which I’m hoping it is, then let me introduce you to Ibotta. If you already use Ibotta, that’s nice – go on with your bad self getting that cash back!

For the sake of those who don’t know about Ibotta, it is a cash-back rewards app that’s entirely free to use and it’s as easy as that! Ibotta allows you to find offers on products and services which you can redeem for cash. There are over 300 retailers (I know right, that’s a lot of stores) that participate with Ibotta including Target, CVS, Olive Garden, Giant, Groupon there is definitely something for everyone!

For any app to work, it has to be easy to use, nobody wants anything that’s complicated. It also has to do what it says it will do, in this case, you want to get cash back and with Ibotta it really delivers on those two things – it’s easy to use and you get rewarded with real cash back. I do believe in being frugal, saving where and when you can, even if its a few bucks here and there and with Ibotta you can do just that.

How to Use Ibotta

  1. Find Offers: First things first, you need to download the app which you can do by clicking here. Anyone who uses my referral code xogvwge gets a $10 welcome bonus for signing up. Once you have downloaded the app remember to complete registration.
    • Next, select your favorite stores and shopping apps within Ibotta. Click on find offers and browse categories to view stores nearby or view all stores. It’s amazing what’s on Ibotta, they also have specialty stores like Groupon and Barnes & Noble.
    • On the Home page you can also view offers available as well as bonuses available or you can click on find offers to browse by category (like above), this way you can view all stores and search for even more offers.
    • Select the offers you are interested in from your favorite retailers in the Ibotta app. To add an offer, tick the button beside the item you are interested in. Sometimes you might need to complete short activities like watching a 10 sec video or answering a question.
    • Remember the more offers you add, the more cash back you can get!

  2. Go Shopping: Now it’s time to go shopping. Some offers are exclusive to certain stores while others can be redeemed at multiple retailers so double check before you go shopping.
  3. Redeem: 
    • There are 3 ways you can redeem with Ibotta:
      1. Send Receipt: If you shop in store remember to keep your receipt as you will need it to redeem any offer. To redeem offers, take a picture of your receipt or scan the QR code (if you shop in certain stores like Walmart and Best Buy). If an offer you have selected doesn’t show up, Ibotta gives you the opportunity to add it before you submit your receipt. You may have to scan barcodes to redeem specific offers, if this is needed Ibotta will prompt you to do so. Once you are ready send your receipt and Ibotta will deposit your cash back within 48 hours (note some stores take longer).
      2. Link Loyalty Card: With some retailers you have to link your loyalty card or phone number before you go shopping or redeem offers. Ibotta will prompt you to do so if needed.
      3. Mobile Shopping: The mobile shopping retailers allow for in-app or app-to-app shopping, many retailers including Buy Buy Baby, Sephora and Walgreens have mobile app shopping options.
  4. Get Cash Back: With Ibotta you earn real cash back, not made up currencies you can only use in some store you never shop at.
    • There are two options for getting cash back:
      1. Get Cash Back via PayPal or venmo ($20 minimum) or
      2. Get Cash Back with a Gift Card, most require $20 minimum to withdraw but again there are so many options from real places people shop at including: Bath & Body Works, Kohl’s, The Home Depot and Starbucks.

The great thing about Ibotta is that you don’t have to spend more or do anything different from what you already do to get cash back. Ibotta is an easy way for anyone to make cash back, if I can do then so can you. Start earning cash back with Ibotta. Remember to use my referral code xogvwge in order to get a $10 welcome bonus. Once you have signed up with Ibotta let me know how you find it and if you are already using Ibotta feel free to share your experiences and comments! Happy Savings!

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