Baked Moin Moin with Unpeeled Blackeye Peas

Baked Moin Moin with Unpeeled Blackeye Peas

Yes, you got that right, I made Moin Moin without peeling off the skin of the Blackeye Peas. Before anyone attacks me like they attacked my dear Jamie Oliver when he made his ‘twist’ on Nigerian Jollof Rice, this is my ‘twist’ on Moin Moin. I made this Moin Moin using Blackeye Peas with unpeeled skin for several reasons; I wanted to experiment to know if it would taste the same, which it did; I also wanted to eliminate wastage and keep all the fiber from the Blackeye peas, which I did; and I wanted to save myself the time used in peeling beans (yes I know about the blender method but I wanted to avoid that), which I also did.

The verdict: this tasted just like Moin Moin to me and also to my helpful taster, my husband. There was no real difference, there was no odd texture or odd taste, it tasted just like Moin Moin. The only difference was the black dots from the skin but that didn’t bother us. So enough talking, here’s my recipe for the bold people out there who are willing to try new things (no shade intended).

16oz Blackeye Peas
1 Onion
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Scotch Bonnet (deseed and use only half if you don’t like chili)
2oz Tomato Paste
1 cooking spoon of Vegetable Oil
4 Knorr Cubes (2 in a pack, so 2 packs)
4 tbsp Crayfish
1 tsp Nutmeg
2 cups of Water
2 tsp Sea Salt

First things first, soak the Blackeye Peas for at least 5 hours before baking. I did this because I wanted the beans soft, soft, soft! I don’t do heartburn and I surely don’t like gas or flatulence and I’m sure those around me don’t either :-). Once the Blackeye Peas have been soaked, drain all the water. 15 minutes before my Blackeye Peas have reached the 5 hour mark, I chop my Onions into quarters, do the same to the Red Pepper and lastly pre-heat my oven to 380F.

In a blender add the Blackeye Peas, Onions, Bell Pepper, Scotch Bonnet, Tomato Paste and Water (you might have to do this in two parts, I did because my blender is not big enough). Transfer the blended mixture into a large bowl. Next add Vegetable Oil, Knorr Cubes, Crayfish, Nutmeg and Sea Salt then mix well until all the ingredients are evenly distributed. Your mixture should have a thick tomato soup consistency.

Pour the Moin Moin mixture in a large baking pan (it should be about 1.5 to 2 inches deep) and in another deep and large baking pan, add a bit of water, enough to thinly and evenly spread in the pan. Cover the Moin Moin with foil paper and put the baking pan with the Moin Moin mixture in the oven. Place the baking pan of water directly under the Moin Moin mixture to create a steaming effect. Bake for 1hr or until the Moin Moin is fully baked. To know when the Moin Moin is ready, stick a knife into it, when you pull out the knife it should come out clean (or with bits of Moin Moin but) without any liquid sticking to it. You can freeze left overs which I did. Enjoy!

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