Hi, I’m Abi. In between spending time with my husband and changing diapers, I blog about food, healthy living, family and a few of my other passions. My hope is to inspire women to feel good about themselves whatever stage in life they might be in.

I have always been passionate about writing. My first blog was an inspirational blog where I shared short stories, poems and motivational messages for women. My second blog was about food, recipes I had developed and reviews on restaurants I had been to. My third blog (yes I had a third blog), was about entertainment news and fashion.

Over time, I decided to focus on what I was most interested in – food and this led to the creation of the Pic and Eat blog. Even though I am still very much interested in food (let’s face I don’t eat for survival, for me eating is a passion), I am now more aware of the need to be and stay healthy. This awareness led me to research healthy food alternatives as I knew I didn’t want to give up the food I loved or sacrifice on taste.

I also knew there was so much I wanted to share and the blog name Pic and Eat didn’t accurately reflect where my blog was going. In the end, I decided to rename my blog to Abi and More. Why the name “Abi and More”? Well it’s really simple, because there’s so much more I want to share and my blog isn’t just about healthy recipes, it’s also about how healthy living could be sustainable, affordable and enjoyable, fitness routines, experiences with pregnancy and motherhood, what I wish I knew and some other interesting discoveries.

My hope is that through my blog and everyday encounters I can inspire and bless those around me, particularly women because I myself have been blessed by so many strong women and would like to do the same. Enough about me, I would like to hear from you, share your thoughts or questions with me by emailing hello@abiandmore.com.